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„Der Himmelfahrer Teil 2 – Vater“ can be pre-ordered! The album will be released 10/1/2018. Listen to „Bertha Und Die Geister“ even now.


Album pre-order

„Der Himmelfahrer Teil 1 – Astronaut“ can now be pre-ordered. By doing so, you get an email as soon as the album is officially released and can stream/download the track „Chaos“ even now! Due to the immense amount of money and time I’ve spent producing the album, I cannot offer it for free. I ask for your understanding. The price for the complete (digital) album will be only €5 or €0,50/track. For pre-order please visit:


The work on the first part of the trilogy is nearly finished! There is only 1 track to write. After that, the album goes into mastering process. Trustworthy, this one is the darkest and most disturbing album I was ever working on. Part 1 is about an astronaut on the international space station, getting a mental disease, killing everybody and drifting away with the corpses into the void, waiting for his own death. Part 2 and 3 of „Der Himmelfahrer“ will be different stories but in the end all the 3 stories will come together…

More info and the release date soon.