Mond über Berlin

Mond über Berlin

Der gute alte Mond, mein Hans, zeigt dir den Weg ins Reich der Stille.
Dein Haus, ein Bettelein aus Traum und Schlaf, geh rein, so ist’s sein Wille.

Hoch oben dann, beim Häwelmann, fahrt ihr ihm über sein Gesicht.
Der Mond über Berlin, mein Kind, wenn du träumst, dann schläft er nicht.

The little red house

Inside this little red house (some called it Bunker 1), amongst all the others screaming for air to breath, mother whispered to Hans: „Here you will reach the stars like little hobbin! Dream, my dearest son, fly into the silent night!“
Then, holding Berthas hand:
„Bertha, my love, now you can dive into the ocean, as you always wanted! Father is not here, but he loves you more than any other!“

Then everything turned white.

Der Himmelfahrer trilogy

Part 1 Der Astronaut
Part 2 Vater
Part 3 Mutter (coming 2019)

The story behind the story

Alas… Sometimes things are too hard to handle but the spirits are forcing you to do it. When I started with Theodor und die Stille, I had no idea why the album’s name „Der Himmelfahrer“ came into my mind. I had no idea why it should be a trilogy. I had no idea that the very first song I wrote for TudS in the end should be the last song of the last part.
What I knew was simply one thing: let there be an astronaut killing himself in space for part 1.

Months later, I felt a strong force to write songs about a little girl who was killed by her own father who drowned her in the sea. The work on part 2 was very hard and I literally was too much into this topic. I read a lot about what fathers are able to do to their children. However, I had no clue what this story wants to be in the end. What is the deeper sense? Where is it linked? What about part 3, that wants to be called „mother“?

Well, now I know it. And it is so surprising and overwhelming that I was under tears, standing still for minutes to realize it. I can’t tell you yet. And I don’t know how to do that, psychological and musically.

After a holiday at the sea, refreshing my mind and thinking about all this, I will start working on part 3. And I am planning to fly to a very disturbing place where all this happened. To feel the atmosphere, see it with my own eyes.

Thank you for reading,