Mutter – out now!

One of the rare lucid dreams I have happened tonight. Usually I never speak about this but it was a STRONG sign to release my album just today. So, because I really listen to my dreams (at least the lucid ones) I decided to push the button and set it free. My baby, grown up the last one and a half years. A strange feeling. A good feeling. A bad feeling.
I really hope you enjoy. Even if it’s a hard and sad topic.

More info about the very limited physical release soon!



The recording, mixing and mastering of my new album has finally come to an end. Also the story has been written down and probably gets only some minor changes within the next weeks. I really can’t wait to release it. Not only the music but also the protagonists of the story have grown close to my heart.

This album should be understood as a score for a movie. There are fragile songs with strings and piano but also thunderous trailer-like tracks and disturbing ambient.